Yoga Update

Look how glorious this lot look after just one hour with Abi last Saturday! Janusz definitely takes the prize for being the most fabulous! 


After the massive success of the free yoga taster last week, we've now added 10 yoga classes between now and the end of August to the timetable. 

Every Tuesday @ 1930 and every other Saturday @ 1130 there will be a yoga class on TeamUp. 

As part of the trial, the pricing will be £5/class for members on a PAYG basis and £7.50 for non-members. There will also be an access pack available for all 10 classes available for members @ £35 and non-members @ £50.

 Yoga for young and old. 

Yoga for young and old. 

Full date list for July and August:

Tuesday 12th

Saturday 16th

Tuesday 19th

Tuesday 2nd

Saturday 6th

Tuesday 9th

Tuesday 16th

Saturday 20th

Tuesday 23rd

Tuesday 30th