In House Competition, Testing Week and Deload Week

As you may or may not be aware, we are hosting another in house competition next Saturday (18th June) where all participating members will be assigned to balanced teams, each captained by one of the coaches.  Just like Dirty 30 was in January, the competition will be all inclusive and you'll each have several opportunities to earn points for you team.

It costs just £10 to enter through this link:

Rumour has it that there'll be something special for everyone who enters.  All will be revealed on the day!

The purpose of all internal 'competitions' that we hold is to bring people together who may not normally bump into each other - morning troopers vs night owls, lunchtime regulars vs weekend warriors.  But this one is timed even more sweetly within the cycle of programming.
Week commencing Monday 13th June will be our next testing week where we'll put into practice some of the skills and strengths we've been building for the past 8 weeks, so the event on the Saturday will be the finale of that and give everyone a chance to really throw down and celebrate everyone's hard work together in one place.

In the build up to the testing week, you may or may not have heard that this week, commencing 6th June, is a deload week so we'll be taking a slight detour from our previous structure to allow accelerated adaptations and even higher levels of performance next week.  This also means that going crazy with trying to fit in 4 extra sessions this week to "try and catch up" is not the best idea you'll ever have and you should just keep trusting the process.