Tuesday 21st June

Yolande went heavier than she expected to with her dumbell and put in a huge amount of effort in the AMRAP in the morning class! Scott Wiles went nuts on the AMRAP, as did Fenton, who didn't want to use a 20kg dumbbell but was talked into it! Ricky, Joe and George took a 30/35 kg and went to town. Heros. Frank and Ash both went out like thunder bolts and continued with the pace until the end!


A: 12 minutes to set a 3RM hang power snatch

B: EMOM 18 1 = 3 hang power snatch @ 80% 2 = 5 strict ring pull ups 3 = 8-12 burpees

C: For time: Run 400m Rest 1 minute Run 400m