The beauty of Testing Week and the evils of cherrypicking

So we've kicked off testing week, but this time with a couple of twists.  


The 5000m / 20 minutes row for distance was on Monday, but wasn't prefaced with a blog post and TeamUp wasn't loaded up with 30 minute long classes. This meant that no-one outside of the coaching staff knew it was coming and therefore couldn't cherrypick out of doing it because "it doesn't mean anything anyway", "I hate rowing",  "I'm fit enough" or some other made up nonsense excuse. For some people it was as much a mental test as a physical one, but having 60 people through the door and rowing today vs 32 when people knew it was coming kind of proves a point.

The fact that almost everyone set a new PB is a testament to the hard work that you've been doing over the past eight weeks.  If you didn't PB or even come close, or flat out avoided coming in because you heard a rumour about the row then maybe it's time you reassessed your view of fitness as a total package and faced some of your fears.

The blog won't be filled with information about the upcoming tests this week so you'll just have to book in, turn up and smash it!  This removes any extra stress from the whole procedure where people feel like something is hanging over them for a whole day, and they can just focus on getting work done when they arrive at the gym.  Alongside this point, we advise that you bring any fancy shoes, wrist guards, shin pads, helmets or other fashion accessories with you whenever you're in the gym so there can't be any excuses made about the wrong shorts stopping you from setting a PB on your 4RM blindfolded pistol wall ball box jump.  The lack of information also prevents people from only taking part in tests that they are confident on and conveniently avoiding the ones that might be testing an area of fitness that they routinely neglect.

The whole week will conclude with an extravaganza of fitness and friends at the In House Competition on Saturday.  Sign up as an individual but play as part of a team.  Expect plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your fitness in a variety of events.  Registration for places is only open until Thursday through this link: