Saturday 7th May

Joe hit another PB today for his hang power clean, constantly showing a great attitude and pushing himself! Craig lifted nicely, and pushed himself on the Metcon! Eve and Yolande showed great improvement on their cleans and pushed through the metcon, their extra work is showing! Sara C showed great technique on her clean as well! Awesome fully packed 12.30 class: great toe spot pull ups from Donna! Kate squeezed out her first full pull up! Jan went mental on the workout! Lucy gets a nod for pushing on with the WOD despite the thumb injury! Nik who hard on the metcon! Rupert responded to coaching points in the cleans! Javi and Sean really pushed themselves on the wall balls! George despite ongoing injury adapted work out to take part! Rani got on the rig for the first time during pull ups! and Martin did well to hold on for a 2RM PB!

Part A: Back squat 3 x 5 +2.5kg from last session

Part B: 4 x 45 seconds:
seated band row - 
DB strict press - single KB racked lateral carry.

Part C: For time: 10-8-6-4-2
Thrusters @ 50/35kg
Run 200m after each set of TTB