Wednesday 1st June

Sarah looking very strong and solid on the deadlifts and powerful pulls on the rower this morning; Craig went all out on the rower as did Casey and Januzs; Sue and Neil worked hard on their deadlift position- consciously correcting their hip position; Amy's deadlift came on leaps and bounds while Ally and Helen pushed each other on the row; Ricardo came on well on every element tonight, his deadlifts improved massively, and he worked hard on the Rower; Diego, Frank and Ed - you can tell the program is working when these 3 are moving some big weights with prefect form throughout!


A - back squat 3 x 5 @ +2.5kg from last time
B - Partner Jack with alternating movements
20 minute AMRAP
10 push press @ 52.5/35kg
10 RUSSIAN KB swing @ 24/16kg
10 box jumps @ 24/20"