Wednesday 4th May

Great squats from Donna again this week. Abi came back and went hard on the metcon. Joe Rooney worked really hard on the metcon, great deadlifts. Awesome ring pull ups from Blair Thompson. Great work on the metcon from Amy Jeffs kept her deadlifts really crisp. Martin has been working hard on his squat positioning in recent weeks, working himself up to a nice weight. Panda listened to coaches points, which resulted in massive improvement with her Squats. Joe moved like a gazelle and absolutely killed the deadlifts and Burpees. Kyle went ham on the metcon. Beth and Helen have spent time on their squats which is really showing through!

With a partner, alternating exercises,

complete 8 rounds in total of:
10 overhead squat @ 60/40kg
20 KB swings @ 24/16kg
10 burpee pull ups