Saturday 28th May

Leonie moved well through out the whole session today, especially on the ring rows and KB work! Thomas has slowed himself down and is concentrating on moving correctly, strong throughout the whole session today! Martha used sensible scales and concentrated on good movement for the accessory work! Kyle flew through the metcon showing real determination! Sophie Russell moved big weight well and smashed the metcon! Martin took himself to a dark place in metcon and got a really good time! Rani and Hannah worked overtime on their squats! Rickie set himself on fire on the metcon!

Part A: Hang power snatch 2RM for the day

Part B: 12 minute EMOM:

Minute 1 = 10 hang power snatches @ 50% 2RM

Minute 2 = 10 strict pull ups

Minute 3 = 20 wall balls @ 9/6kg to 10/9’