Tuesday 24th May

Sean worked hard on his squat after a little adjustment meant he was squatting like a pro; Joe and Craig went out like machines on the Metcon, both always working hard to better themselves; Shannon M worked hard to keep up with the lead pack on the Metcon, and even after a little stumble on the box, brushed it off and finished strong; Alice has been digging deep since she started this month working hard every time she comes in; Jans squats are getting really heavy but he is cracking on without any fuss; Jason's worst nightmare of a workout (the three things he hates most) but he pushed himself harder than he wanted to knocking out nearly 40 + reps; Hells squatted to depth with 40kg- Such a huge improvement since joining earlier this year; Gary Collins went to town on the Burpee box jumps.

Part A: Deadlift 2 x 5 1 x 15-20

Part B: Strict chin up 3 x max reps Rest 90 seconds

Part C: For time;

Run 800m, 30 DB snatches @ 20/12.5kg

Run 600m, 20 DB snatches @ 25/17.5kg

Run 400m 10 DB snatches @ 30/22.5kg