Wednesday 6th April

Lyndsey showed brilliant squat technique after a few adjustments this morning and hit a crisp 5RM after not squatting for a few months! Craig Wally kept great positions throughout Angie even as he fatigued, great to see you back Craig! George worked hard and moved well through Angie, the work he puts in in his own time really showed! Beth squatted a new PB and wasn't scared to go heavy! Nicky has been working hard on squat technique and it showed today with a PB and great movement! Gem got back under the bar after failing a lift, great motivation! Charlie P took on some coaching tips and got a 12.5kg PB! Martin S moved more weight than he thought possible and then continued to move well in Angie! Sarah pushed herself on the push-ups (a personal nemesis)! And Edgy pushed through the WOD even though he didn't feel well!

Keep up the epic work!

Wednesday: Fight Gone Bad