Tuesday 5th April

Lots of PBs hit today! Well done to: Yolande, taking on coahcing tips helped her secure her PB this morning! Harrison put a lot of effort in technique for every lift he did through the AMRAP! Kim has been showing great improvement and made some great lifts this morning! Joanna and Sarah both moved well with the barbell even as it got harder! Rich kept up the effort on the AMRAP even when the bar felt heavy (following a 12kg PB!)! Edgy, Sarah, Charlie and Becky joined the PB crew listening to coaches and working hard! One more shout out for Jan who took on lots of coaching tips to comtinue to work hard and improve!

Part A: Back squat 1RM

Part B: Backwards Angie
For time:
100 squats
100 abmat sit ups
100 press ups
100 pull ups