Tuesday 26th April

Phil squatted well; Sarah c pushed hard on the run; Martha worked hard on her squats; Shelly b set the burpees on fire; great squats from Lyndsey, really working on her form; Wilson checked into the pain cave on the metcon; Donna has progressed rapidly; Ali really pushed himself on the metcon; Sara cranked out 50 burpees and 109 swings in the 6 minutes then ran a 3:42 800m; M-Burg, Mate, Coles and Gary all scaled the kettlebell weight up and still smashed it out of the park!!! So much great work from everyone today well done!

Part A: Deadlift 2 x 5 1 x 15-20

Part B: Strict chin up 3 x max reps Rest 90 seconds

Part C: For time; Row 1km