Wednesday 20th April

Shelly B squatted well then pushed hard on the metcon and kept her standards high on the strict press today! M'Burg put in a big effort in part 3: Testament to hard work overcoming weaknesses! Natahlie and Karen both hit some superbly solid positions on the presses! 
Diego worked really hard throughout the class and was consistent with good movement standards from start to finish!

In pairs, complete the following:

 0-15 minutes: Run 800m together and then climb the ladder of:

30 bar facing burpees, 30 push press @ 40/25kg,

30 BFB, 30 push press @ 50/32.5kg

30 BFB, 30 push press @ 60/40kg

30 BFB, Max push press @ 70/47.5kg

15-30 Same format but movements change for 20 pull ups and 20 deadlifts.

Barbell weights at 70/47.5kg, 80/55kg, 90/62.5kg, 100/70kg, max reps @ 110/77.5kg One person can work at a time in the gym. Change over whenever.