Tuesday 12th April


Craig W, Eve, Charlie all worked hard to compete against each other on the conditioning today, nice to see the friendly rivalry! Clayton stuck at it, even though he was clearly in the hurt locker, and finished like a pro! Rose pushed herself hard on the burpees! Good to see Shelly back in the swing of things working hard as always! Phil has worked hard on his squat tekkers! Dre and Gem squatted well and working hard on the ring pull ups! Ally was squatting in a great active position- something she has been working hard on recently! Helen for putting in 100% and ensuring her chin was above the ring on every pull up! Finally, Diego for really testing his limits the farmers carries!

Part A: Power snatch EMOM 12 to 2RM

Part B: Strict pull up 3 x max reps, 90 seconds rest

Part C: 10 minute AMRAP 10 KB swings @ 24/16kg 50’ bear crawl