Wednesday 9th March

Loads of praise to hand out tonight after a busy day of classes yesterday and today!

Monday: Big shout outs to:

Sean and Marcus for keeping great hollow shape during their pull ups, Clayton for pushing through the painful DB thrusters, Nicky for moving continuously through the EMOM, Liz for pushing to get the row done on time each round, Tomasz for his all out effort on the burpee shuttles, Ross for consistent good form throughout the WOD, and finally Elena for working on her rowing recently which really showed in the WOD! Well done all!

Tuesday: Well done to Ally for a huge improvement on her push jerk, Caitlin for moving weel through all her power cleans, Karen and Natalie both did well taking on coaching points to improve their cleans and push jerks, Marcie and Hannah both put in top effort showing realy improvement, Jan flew through his burpees, and Alex hill made it to a class!

Top work everyone, keep up the hard work!


With a partner, 25 minute timer:
0-20 minutes
60 deadlifts @ 110/75kg
60 front squats @ 70/50kg
60 snatches @ 50/35kg
Change over whenever

20-25 minutes
AMRAP 5 of:
5 hang power clean and push jerk @ 50/35kg
5 lateral burpees
Change over after each full round