Friday 1st April

Well done to the Metcon class tonight! Great atmosphere and everyone pushed hard! Lots of shout outs to show it!:

Marci- for trying hard to move with good positions. 
Ash- who concentrated on fixing flaws in his movements. 
Carl and M'Burg for finishing cindy each round despite it taking a full minute. 
The Marucuses for being accountable to standards. 
Ross and Frank- who worked hard to hit RX standards throughout. 
Ian and Frank both dug in when the going got tough. 
Charlie scaled intelligently and worked hard to go RX on the push ups. 
Andrew moved consistently.
Gary Collins hit some beautiful positions and got some great work done on the rower.
Lawson and Diego who set after Mike, pushed each other hard and had some healthy competition!

Friday WOD
A - 10 minutes to build to front squat heavy set of 3
B - AMRAP in 20 minutes
8 x 20m length single arm farmers walk @ 30/22.5kg (alternate arms each length) 
4 x 20m walking lunge
2 x 20m handstand walk