Monday 29th February

Action packed weekend of open workouts and the gymnastics course landing at SCCF.

Well done to everyone who has completed 16.1 so far! Great to see so many joining in, at a level to suit their personal ability to get the most they can out of the workout!

Few names from the weekends work who deserve a shout out:

Andy, Craig, Yo, Eve, Mark, Joe and Lu.

Part A: EMOM x 16: Odd = 2 presses building to 2RM,

Even = 10-15 second ring pull up iso hold at the top

Part B: Max reps at 80% 2RM press

Part C: 6 sets: In 1 minute do 8 box jumps @ 24/20", 8 alternating DB snatch @ 22.5/15kg then max distance box push in time remaining. Rest 1 minute