Tuesday 23rd February

Well done to everyone in the 06.30 class today taking on coaching points and moving well in the warm up!

Big shout out for Phil who refused to give in this morning, willing to improve and taking on coaching advice to get him there, well done!

Harry took on tips on his split jerk and put up great jerks at equal PB weight understanding it's not always about number chasing in the 16.30 class!

Hard work from Mark, Mitch and Eamon in the 17.30 (the tan won't save you from burpees sorry Easmon!)

Katie and Sophie both made great technical improvements to their C+J even when the bar got heavier.

Overall great day at SCCF well done everyone!

4 sets of: in 2:30 minutes
5 hang power cleans @ 75% then AMRAP: 5 pull ups, 10 wall balls

Rest 2:30 minutes
After set 4, rest 5 minutes

4 sets of:
In 2:30 minutes
5 deadlifts @ 75% then row for max metres
Rest 2:30 minutes