Monday 1st February

mon 1st feb.jpg

8 weeks has passed and now it's time to measure some progress... 

Many of you will be thinking you know what's coming and when. You'll be disappointed to know that the structure and workouts are not the same as the last time. 

The WODs are varied enough to tell you a lot about your current fitness level, with everything from weightlifting maxes to classic CrossFit triplets featuring, as well as aerobic base tests and Open workout repeats.

The exact workouts won't be on the blog until the end of the week but we'll give you a sneak peek here... 

So, time for some hints:
Monday - arrive early, get loose and hope that you've been spending enough time in Barbell Club recently.
Tuesday - a classic CrossFit benchmark. 
Wednesday - more classic CrossFit, but this time you'll need a bit more endurance. Will anyone fly and die on the first round? 
Thursday - do work, rest, do work again. 
Friday - how big is your aerobic base? 
Saturday - feeling strong? More classic CrossFit for dessert!