Monday 27th July

Hope you all had a great weekend, found some time to check in to what was happening in Carson and now feel suitable stoked up to attack the week. Todays workout is below but just a quick prompt before we get there...

Weightlifting is fun. It's also something you're going to do a lot of while training at Second City CrossFit. It's not really a secret that three times a week we have a barbell club running at the far end of the box. This is available to all members. I urge you to schedule some time there. In WOD classes there's a limited amount of time to work on these extremely complex and technical movements. Barbell Club will allow you time to focus on the lifts in detail without any pesky met-con pieces creeping in to complicate things. Some people will insist that being a better weight lifter will make you a better person. I'll just say you will find spending time on your lifts will aid your general CrossFit development. 

*If you're on a 3x a week membership SCBC sessions will cost you 1 class, so balance your books as necessary (or view it as the best possible reason to upgrade). 



a1) Floor Press 2RM
a2) Floor Press 1 x max reps @ 80% of a1

b) 15 minute AMRAP:

3 Power Clean
4 Shoulder to Overhead
5 Strict Pull-up