Friday 6th June

Ok, I dropped a hairy one yesterday and forgot or otherwise didn't manage to get around to post the WOD. You all coped admirably without that information. WELL DONE YOU!

A quick reminder that next week sees The Trinity Games. So there will be no classes. They will be replaced by a day of competition. It will be great fun and there will be something for EVERYONE to do, so even if you're not booked in to a team rock up, welcome Unit 22 CrossFit and Blackfriars CrossFit to the hood and enjoy the spectacle.


a) Ring skills (skin the cat, dips, toes to rings etc)

b) 3 sets for reps of:

In 5 minutes

Row 500m
Run 400m
Max Reps Overhead Squat

Rest 2:30 between sets.