Thursday 21st May

Today is the day of the week there is no specific programming. Structured rest days are an important part of your training - Why rest days are just as important as working outPlease make sure to make the time to do nothing.

It's a nice day so if you have a garden consider spending some time outdoors.

If you insist you can catchup on something you missed earlier in the week, work skills and weaknesses or visit tonights barbell club takeover (1830-2030).

Remember that Monday is a bank holiday so no evening classes. We'll be open for a usual group beatdown from 10am-midday. There will be a talk going into the details of SCCF SUPERCHARGED starting around 1230. I'll put a placeholder on to TeamUp but just rock in if you're interested. You can buy in to SCCF SUPERCHARGED via an item on the TeamUp Store