Monday 18th May

Today sees the kick off of the SCCF SUPERCHARGED challenge. Be sure to read on beyond the WOD...


a) Establish a Deadlift 2RM
b) 1 x max reps Deadlift @ 90% of a)
c) For time: Row 500m.


Right, we're kicking this off later than anticipated and a little later still than advertised but here we are. People are talking about getting a kick to feel healthier, look better naked, perform better, etc.

There's a buy in to this... It's not huge (£5) but it helps cover some of the cost looking after this kind of thing can take. An SCCF SUPERCHARGED item exists on the TeamUp Store. That last sentence includes a link.

Three simple goals have been identified to form the core of this challenge. This challenge is geared towards developing good habits that you will carry forward. You will record your successes and failures on a daily basis. The plan is to allow everyone to see how everyone is doing (should they care) with the intention that you'll support each other and keep each other straight.

  1. Get a nights good quality sleep
  2. Drink an adequate amount of water each day
  3. Include a clean source of protein in each of your main meals

There're no points for exercise but we obviously endorse activity levels that are sympathetic to your goals.

The daily goals are achievable by everyone. There is nothing magical about any of them. All you need apply is a bit of common sense and some discipline. A scoring system will allow you to mark your compliance and in turn compare your behaviour with others taking the challenge.

This is a 6 week challenge. You can determine your own before/after or test/re-test protocol. If you're going on how you look/feel my suggestion would be something as simple as before/after pictures. For performance record the outcome of a WOD of choice.

Next Monday (25th May) is Spring Bank Holiday, following the usual bank holiday mayhem Gareth will be leading a talk that goes in to more detail on the ins and outs and will also offer you the opportunity to ask questions.

There is a potential for some of you to receive additional assistance from Gareth. He has a deep understanding of food and nutrition. Throughout the challenge he will be dropping ideas, guides, how-to's, etc. If you feel the need for more speak to Gareth directly.

That's about it as an overview. Get yourself logged in for the challenge and we'll soon mail out details of precisely how the scoring will work and how you'll record it.