Tuesday April 7th 2015

Hope you're all feeling fresh after a long weekend.

This coming Saturday sees the Intramural Games. Sign up as an individual, compete as a team! Book HERE!. Entry is £5. This event also hosts the SCBC weightlifting competition. There's also a social gathering on the evening. If you scour the members group you'll find details. The short story is The Dark Horse, Moseley (max 25 people) for 5:30pm to eat at 6pm. Find Gem or Mike if you need a quick answer.

Workout Of the Day

Every Minute On the Minute for 40 minutes (8 rounds):

1 = 45 seconds row
2 = 10-15 over box jumps 
3 = 10-15 abmat sit ups
4 = 10-15 wall balls
5 = single DB farmers carry