Friday 24th April


Tonights 1930 class is CANCELLED.

Due to difficulties managing this slot it will be removed from the timetable until further notice. This is unfortunate but a stable timetable is needed. It's not all bad news though. As of 2nd May Saturday mornings will receive an additional class (1000 - 1100). Also 6 hours barbell club time have been added to the timetable...

Barbell Club (SCBC)

You will see barbell club appearing on the timetable again very soon. SCBC returns Tuesday 28th April. The headlines are:

  • No more course. Available to everyone.
  • Coached sessions to allow you to either follow the written schedule or do your own thing. 
  • This is bundled in to your SCCF membership and will cost one class credit. So, for unlimited members this is completely free. For 3x members it can be free but depends on how you manage your bookings. 
  • Bookings will be handled by TeamUp.
  • Available as a drop in session for £5.
  • Barbell Club only membership is for a limited time available at £30pm. This does NOT include any time outside of SCBC hours.

SCBC will run on Tuesdays 1700-1900, Thursdays 1830-2030, Saturdays 0900-1100.


a) Floor Press 5 x 2 @ ~85%

  • The weight on the bar should feel reasonably heavy BUT...
  • Form must be perfect.

b) 3 sets of max rep unbroken Thrusters 

  • Weight increases each set  
  • 90 seconds rest between sets.