Sincerely, fuck off

I will not apologise for the language in the post title.  Nor will we, at SCCF, tolerate any kind of abuse of our members.

Sometimes things are sent to test us.  On Saturday, a local resident thought it was "a laugh" to verbally abuse and pass comments on a few of our members as they ran the 800m route during the morning class.  The urchin who found it "a laugh" did not see the immediate aftermath of his comments, but he did wind his neck in pretty sharpish when a select group of oversized, bearded members popped down the road to have a polite word with him.  Strangely enough, he refused the offer of dropping in for a free session at a time of his choosing. 

We will look after our own.  Please do not be surprised about this.  Those involved in this post know that no more needs to be said on the matter.

I would also like to thank, on behalf of everyone at SCCF, every single member who voiced their support for those involved, supported them through the rest of their workout and since then insisted on taking those affected out running again.  We couldn't be prouder of the dignity with which you conducted yourselves in a difficult situation and want you to know that we're incredibly proud of every SCCFer who tries to improve themselves in any way and pushes the boundaries of what they thought was possible on a daily basis.