Testing week - summary

Last week we took some time out to gather some measures. We performed tests over 5 days and gathered up the data. 81 members participated in some way. A small number managed all of the tests, most got in for 3 or 4 days and a some captured a single day's testing. Whatever, here are the tests performed and averages based on the numbers we have.

If you know you missed a test then I urge you to find time to give it a try and see how you measure up.  

Day 1

Test #1: Max weight Clean & Jerk.
Test #2: 7 minute Max burpees to a 6" target.

Average Clean & Jerk = M/77KG F/44KG.
Average number of burpees in 7 minutes = M/79 F/74.

Day 2


Test #1: Row 5,000m (20 minute cap).

Average distance rowed in 20 mins = M/4817m F/4103m.
Of those that completed the distance the average time was 19:06. The quickest time seen was 17:59.

Day 3 - Lets call the whole thing off!

Test #1: Tabata (4 mins of 20s work, 10s rest) for
Strict Press-ups/Barbell Press-ups, Press-ups/Box Press-ups, Sit-ups and Air Squats.

We recorded total reps across all movements so I can't give you a break down of average reps per movement, but for what it's worth... Average total reps = M/318 F/310. We did record weakest movement. Is anyone surprised that strict pull-ups were where the lowest numbers were scored?

Day 4


Test #1: Complete each of the following allowing 2 minutes rest between movements.

a) 2 minutes max distance Hand Walk or max effort Wall Walk.
b) 2 minutes max effort Toes-to-Bar or Knees-to-elbow.
c) 2 minutes max effort Ring Dips.

Test #2: Max weight Power Clean (8 minutes allowed).

Test #3: Max reps Power Cleans at 90% of Test #2.

We had 5 people record a Hand Walk distance so well done to those. The rest of us have some work to do in that dept! Their average distance was 69.6' (just over 21m or 11.5 mat lengths). Average number of Wall Walks in 2 mins were M/7 F/6. Average Toes-to-Bar (or scale) in 2 mins were M/27 F/25 and average Ring Dips (or scale) was 18 regardless of sex.

Average Power Clean weight achieved was M/81KG F/47KG. Average reps in 8 mins (at 90%) was M/25 F/30 with the girls out performing the guys. 

Day 5

Test #1: Triple Jump from standing.
Test #2: Back Squat 1RM.
Test #3: Helen (3 RFT 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings (24/16), 12 Pull-Ups) - 12 minute cap.

We don't have the most scientific measurements but average triple jump distance was M/22' (6.7m or 5.5 mat widths) F/18' (5.4m or 4.5 mat widths). The whole hop, skip, jump thing was a bit of a shock to most with some wonky efforts on show. But then we got to the event I think everyone was going to measure themselves on. Average Back Squat was M/111KG F/61KG. Pretty much everyone finished under the time cap, average times being M/10:26 F/11:06, 08:48 was the quickest recorded time.