How do you validate a training program?  How do you provide simple feedback to your people about if they're improving?  How do you help your people set aspirational and relevant goals?

We run tests.  

Results provide data.  Data helps inform planning, both for the programming at the gym and on an individual level.  We use tests that cover a broad and balanced array of physical skills and abilities.

Across the next 6 days we will be testing absolute strength, power, speed, co-ordination, aerobic capacity, relative strength, body control, balance, accuracy and flexibility.

Monday will be power, speed and strength followed by a classic CrossFit Games Open WOD.

Tuesday will be slightly changed class format (half hour slots) that will allow us to test aerobic endurance.

Wednesday will be a test of your ability to control your own body in space, but retain our usual partner WOD Wednesday format.

Thursday will be a chance to see how well you can repeat an effort after an incomplete rest period.

Friday will be skills, power, strength and strength endurance.

Saturday will be skill, strength and a classic CrossFit benchmark WOD.

Every single day will have multiple options for how the exact workout will look, and everyone who shows up to throw down will leave having learned something about themselves and then we can start to set some goals for the next 8 week long block of training.