WOD for Wednesday 21st October

Partner WOD:

Row 2000m changing every 200m
then max sets of 4x [Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk (50kg/35kg)]

At 15 minutes immediately start to work through

100 Toes-to-Bar
on every break BOTH Run 200m


Fright Gone Bad:

Advance notice of a Halloween WOD n Social. Accordingly the timetable for Saturday 31st October is a little different to usual. The class will run at 2pm (This should allow people to work around the Rugby World Cup). We'll all get sweaty then take a break before heading out on the town in the evening. You can start booking on to the class here. At this point there are no fixed plans for the evening. I'm sure the social secretaries will jump to action.

If you missed last year or need a reminder, here's a photo gallery.

Barbell Club will run as normal from 9am. That's barbell club, not open gym.